Hunting in Mozambique


The mighty Zambeze river flows all the way from Zambia to the Mozambican sea, rolling across 2574km. As the river gets closer to the sea its disperses into a massive delta that makes for the perfect wildlife sanctuary. This delta is home to the largest concentration of buffalo in Africa. 

The concessions in this area contains various terrains that offer many different species. There are the sand forests which are excellent for Suni, Blue Duiker and Red Duiker as well as Leopard. The edges of the forests are home to Chobe Bushbuck, Nyala,  Hyena and Bushpig. The tropical savanna areas is where you can find Sable, Livingstone Eland, Cape Buffalo, Oribi, Zebra and Lichtenstein Hartebeest. Then we have the flood plains where many herds of animals congregate. These include Waterbuck, Warthog and Reedbuck. The wetter areas in the swamps is where one can find Hippo, Crocodile, Elephant and the largest herds of buffalo in Africa.

The delta offers you a true African experience where the concession areas are larger than some countries in Europe and where animals have lived for centuries.


In Southern Mozambique we hunt in the Lebombo concession. In the east of the concession you have the Ironwood plains and in the west you have the Lebombo rolling hills which borders one of Africa's greatest National Parks. This area is excellent hunting terrain and is a prime dangerous game area where one can hunt Lion, Leopard, Elephant and Buffalo. Plains game species include Kudu, Warthog, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Limpopo Bushbuck, Impala, Steenbuck, Grey Duiker, Bushpig and the Sharpes Grysbuck.

This area is wild and beautiful but also easily accessible making it the perfect hunting destination with a great list of animals in the area. This is a traditional hunters dream where dagghaboys (lone bulls) are tracked to close distances...